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Show Thanks to Farmworkers for Your Thanksgiving Meal!

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Help us send a message of thanks to farmworkers and poultry workers for bringing food to your table this Thanksgiving Day.


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‘Big Hero 6′ shows that an Asian American cast can top the box office

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Big Hero 6is a robotic sci-fi tale that revolvesaroundHiro Hamada, Disney?s first explicitly mixed-heritage protagonist. Hamada is voiced by Ryan Potter, who is of Japanese and Caucasian descent himself (our friends at CAAM dida great interview). In fact, the entire film is placed in a ?Hapa environment? of sorts, set in San Fransokyo, an architectural and culturalhybrid of the cities the name references.

Casting Asian Americans isn?t new to Disney, whoseMulan in 1998 was voiced by Ming-Na Wen, BD Wong and George Takei, among others. Still, the studio has been inconsistent when it comes to this matter ?the lead role inLilo & Stitchwasn?t voiced by a Hawaiian (or an Asian Pacific American, for that matter), and we?d have to go as far back asAladdinor even The Jungle Book to locate another Disney animation starring characters from a broader Asian origin (let?s pretend the Siamese Cats fromLady and the Tramp never…

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Meet a Native American for Native American Heritage Month

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1. Are you full Native American?
2. What tribe(s) are you?
3. Traditional or Non-Traditional?
4. What tribe are you mistaken for?
5. Which tribe do you embrace the most?
6. How was it growing up with different tribes?
7. Do you wear traditional clothing?
8. Any famous people from your tribe(s)?
9. Do you dance in powwows?
10. What makes being Native American beautiful?
11. How do you feel about Native American Heritage Month?


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Native American Heritage Month: 10 Children’s Books By Native Writers

Very important part of our history! I personally recommend The Remembered Earth: An Anthology of Contemporary Native American Literature

the open book

November is Native American Heritage Month! Native American Heritage Month evolved from the efforts of various individuals at the turn of the 20th century who tried to get a day of recognition for Native Americans. In 1990, President George H.W. Bush approved a resolution that appointed November as Native American Heritage Month. You can learn more about Native American Heritage Month here.

For many years, Native people were silenced and their stories were set aside, hidden, or drowned out. That’s why it’s especially important to read stories about Native characters, told in Native voices. Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with these great books by Native writers:


Quiet Hero by S.D. Nelson – Ira Hayes grew up on the Gila River Indian Reservation in Arizona. When he was in his late teens, World War II raged, and Ira Hayes joined the Marine corps. Eventually they were sent to the tiny Japanese…

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The Posterchildren by Kitty Burroughs

The Posterchildren cover17974581

The Posterchildren and The Posterchildren: Retcons are adventures of teenagers (and a few adults) attending a school in order to control their powers. There’s Julia, a young girl with the power to control and conjure fire, Ernest, a great cook able to eat anything. Join all of them on this epic adventure and fall in love with the characters, no matter what your age!